Transforming small business finance through technology, data and partnerships.

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Small business experts

Liberis develops technology, and builds key partnerships to improve small businesses’ access to finance. We sell finance solutions directly to small businesses, and provide a scalable, finance platform for partners to help them build more valuable relationships with their small business customers.

For partners

We empower our partners with finance solutions that increase the lifetime value of their small business customers.

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For small businesses

We make it easy for small businesses to get access to the finance they need to run their business and support their growth.

A leader in alternative finance solutions

We provide easy access to simple, flexible and fair finance through transformative technology. 

Trusted, because we care

We are trusted by small businesses and partners because our platform and services directly solve their traditional finance challenges.

About us

We bridge the finance gap

We develop technology and build key partnerships to improve small businesses’ access to finance. 

We love small businesses

We are small business experts, who understand the frustrations they have when it comes to accessing finance.

We are transforming the finance industry

Our technology is revolutionising the way businesses offer and access finance. 

We make it easy

Our technology, services and support are easy to access, understand and use.

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