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Embedded Value-Added Service

The final blog in the embedded ecosystem series is about embedded value-added services and how they can build and maintain strong customer loyalty.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

Embedded Business Management

This blog dives into embedded business management and its role in helping small businesses run their businesses when they don't have dedicated resources to help.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

Embedded Lending

This blog looks at the evolution of embedded lending and how it has gained traction for both businesses and consumers needing access to more flexible finance options.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

Embedded Deposits

This blog looks at embedded deposits and how non-bank financial services providers are meeting the demand of their customer base.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

Embedded Payments

Liberis are experts in embedded finance but there is an entire embedded ecosystem out there! Over the next 5 weeks, we will be releasing a new blog each week that will dive into the full embedded ecosystem and the many different facets of it that businesses can avail of. First up is Embedded Payments where we will discuss its evolution, from traditional payment methods to online payments to embedded payments.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

Embracing Diversity: A Deeper Dive into Pride Month

Unveiling the significance of Pride Month, this blog explores the roots of LGBTQIA+ rights, the issue of Rainbow washing, and the importance of fostering inclusivity through understanding and proper language use.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

A Day in the Life of an Engineering Manager with Kirsty Luke

Kirsty Luke, Engineering Manager at Liberis shares what a 'day in the life' looks like.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

4-Click Funding: How Acquirers Are Offering Instant Funding Without Putting Their Balance Sheet at Risk

Acquirers in the payments industry are partnering with embedded lending platforms to offer instant funding to SMEs, enabling them to access tailored financing solutions and improve cash flow management, while the acquirers differentiate themselves and mitigate risk through a streamlined 4-click process.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

Why PSPs Should Partner with Embedded Finance Platforms for Tailored Financing Solutions

PSPs should partner with embedded finance platforms to offer tailored financing solutions that benefit both PSPs and merchants by providing frictionless access to finance at the point of need.

Read more February 22nd, 2017

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