Posted: August 2, 2023 By Mez Choudhury

A Day in the Life of a Sales Executive with Mez Choudhury

Mez Choudhury, Sales Executive at Liberis shares what a 'day in the life' looks like.

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What’s your name and what do you do at Liberis and where in the world do you work?

My name is Mez Choudhury, and I’m a Sales Executive based remotely. My role revolves around building and maintaining strong client relationships, as well as guiding and supporting business owners throughout the seamless process of accessing our merchant cash advances, enabling them to achieve their business objectives. Additionally, I help spearhead ideas tailored to SMEs, fostering their growth and success.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, what do you look forward to for the day ahead?

My mornings kick off with a to-do list, I can’t work without them! Our client base is super lovely, and finding out about their businesses and how we can help them grow is so rewarding!

Also, I am blessed with the best co-workers ever! They make work feel so lively and vibrant, and there’s this constant buzz in our roles that’s just so thrilling. From securing deals to making sure everything runs seamlessly, it’s nonstop adrenaline.

Oh, and the cherry on top? My personal growth is a top priority here! I recently got my level 2 certification as a Mental Health Workplace Responder (so important to me with my background in Psychotherapy!). Plus, I’m in this awesome mentor program that pairs me up with a senior employee at Liberis, helping me grow even more. Opportunities for development are always available if you want it to be!

Describe a typical day for you in your role.

My day is like a puzzle, putting together the pieces to create strong, lasting connections with clients. It’s all about making sure their needs come first, and I do it with a genuine smile and interest. But that’s not all! I work closely with various departments, ensuring everything flows smoothly for our merchants Oh, and when it comes to closing deals and handling objections, I’ve got it covered like a pro. It’s all about finesse and getting things done!

I can’t forget this bit – checking in with my clients, cheering them on, and seeing how their plans are going. Renewals keep me busy, but they keep things exciting too!

What advice would you give a colleague whose just joined your team?

Just be yourself and let that personality shine! We’ve got the loveliest clients. Don’t worry if things seem super-fast at first – we’re all here to support you every step of the way. So, ask away and soak up the knowledge from our amazing team. We love seeing you grow!

Are you office based, remote or hybrid? What are the pros and cons, if any?

I’m fully remote, and it has truly transformed my work-life balance! One of the best things is having the freedom to create my ideal workspace and organise my day accordingly knowing that there is always support from my team when needed. The best part? I’m not alone in this remote setup, as some of my teammates also work remotely, making us a united force!

But let’s be real – there are some challenges too. We do miss the face-to-face interactions sometimes, but we’ve got it covered with regular virtual hangouts, every Friday and team socials. We have these quirky yet helpful blob trees that keep us connected emotionally, even when we’re miles apart! 🌟

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