Posted: September 7, 2023 By Irina Miinin

Life at Liberis with Irina Miinin

Irina Miinin, Sales Manager shares what life at Liberis is like.

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What’s your name and what do you do at Liberis?

My name is Irina Miinin, and I am the Sales Manager in Nordics region at Liberis.

What makes you proud to work here?

I am proud to be able to offer our customers a product that they love and want to avail of over and over again. Furthermore, I take great pride in collaborating alongside the dedicated and ambitious individuals at Liberis. In Nordics we have grown incredibly fast since I started, and I am very proud to lead the Nordics Sales team that consistently tackles challenges with such determination.

What are your stand-out memories of working at Liberis so far?

I started at Liberis in September 2020 which was in the middle of the pandemic. Our Sales team consisted of two people and we took care of two markets, customer service and collections. The operational demands were notably modest in comparison to the present, yet upon reflection, it is remarkable to look back to the initial stages from which we embarked.

Since working here, what ways have you developed – personally and/or professionally?

I joined Liberis 3 years ago as a Customer Success Executive. Few months in, the structure in our Sales function was changed and I started as Sales Manager for Nordics region. When I first started, we were in total 4 people working from Stockholm, now we are 15 with growth continuing. It has been truly gratifying to witness and actively contribute to the progressive evolution of both our region and Liberis at large. It’s a unique learning experience that I don’t think you get very often.

What makes Liberis different from anywhere else you’ve worked?

The hard-working mindset people have at Liberis and the extent you actually can influence things on operational level even though you are not a senior manager or head of anything.

What do you look forward to most in Liberis’ future?

When people in Nordics know who we are and know the name Liberis!

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