Posted: June 1, 2023 By Adrian Morris

Embracing Diversity: A Deeper Dive into Pride Month

Unveiling the significance of Pride Month, this blog explores the roots of LGBTQIA+ rights, the issue of Rainbow washing, and the importance of fostering inclusivity through understanding and proper language use.

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Welcome to June, a month filled with joy, acceptance, and Pride! In honour of Pride Month, we’re dedicating some time to shed light on important aspects of this annual celebration.

Firstly, you may wonder: Why do we commemorate Pride Month?

Pride Month serves as a global beacon, casting a spotlight on the LGBTQIA+ community, their struggles, achievements, and aspirations. While there have been monumental strides in the advancement of gay rights, many regions around the world still enforce anti-LGBTQIA+ laws, putting severe restrictions on individual identity and freedom. For instance, on May 29, a Ugandan law criminalising homosexuality, punishable by life imprisonment, was enacted. Today, being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community remains illegal in 64 countries, a grim reminder of the battles yet to be won.

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One question that might arise is: Why doesn’t Liberis change its logo to the Pride flag in June like other organizations?

This practice, commonly referred to as Rainbow washing, involves a company expressing support for the LGBTQIA+ community by incorporating rainbow colours into their branding. However, the trouble with Rainbow washing is that it can be an empty symbol without genuine, concrete support for the LGBTQIA+ community. This performative act may seem as self-congratulatory rather than driving real change or offering true support to the community it purports to stand with. The vibrancy of the rainbow colours might attract attention for the month of June, but by the 1st of July, all is reverted back to ‘business as usual’.

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Another thought that might occur to you: What exactly does LGBTQIA+ stand for?

Here’s a historical tidbit – The ‘L’ in the acronym is placed first to pay homage to the efforts of the lesbian community during the 1980s HIV/AIDS pandemic. At a time when many, including medical personnel, shunned those afflicted with the disease, it was lesbians who showed up to hospitals and homes, providing care and companionship to the ailing. They ensured no one felt alone in their fight. The order of the acronym serves as a tribute to those who demonstrated empathy and compassion when others wouldn’t.

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We encourage you to adopt gender-neutral terms, promoting inclusivity and respect.

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