Posted: January 9, 2023 By Ollie Bambrick

Life at Liberis with Ollie Bambrick

Ollie Bambrick shares what Life at Liberis is like in his role as Senior Business Strategy Manager.

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What’s your name, and what do you do at Liberis?

My name is Ollie Bambrick, and I’m a Senior Business Strategy Manager.

When did you join Liberis, and what were your first impressions?

I’ve been at Liberis since June 2022 and initially joined the Global Operations team. My first impressions were that Liberis was a dynamic, fast-moving, and exciting company that had weathered the COVID-era and had come out with a hunger to fulfil big plans. On a social level – it was full of driven and talented people who liked to solve complex tasks with a smile.

What makes you proud to work here?

Lots of reasons – the people, the culture, and the desire to do good on a global scale. I’m proud that I work in a company that enables Small-Medium Enterprises to get quick access to capital that they require to expand or excel. I’m also proud of the transparency and integrity of the product that we offer our customers – I love explaining it to anyone who will listen.

What are your stand-out memories of working at Liberis so far?

I have a few stand-out memories, both professionally and personally:

  1. Managing an extremely talented group of Liberites in a Data-Migration across Salesforce platforms. This was an enormous piece of work that everyone in the company had a part to play in. It truly showed that teamwork and commitment, coupled with extremely capable employees, would succeed in the end.
  2. I have since moved from Global Operations and have been empowered to develop functional strategies to achieve our deliberately ambitious 2023 goal! It’s great to be in a position to have an impact on the success of Liberis.
  3. Socially 😉 – the Summer and Winter parties have been great – the whole of Liberis gets together at great venues where it’s good to meet people face-to-face and have a laugh in an informal setting.

Since working here, what ways have you developed – personally and/or professionally?

Personally, I am not technical – but I have learnt a lot about leading teams who are. These are the people who can achieve things that I didn’t know existed before this role. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning from them by osmosis and can now (at least think I can) contribute to problem-solving and workshops. Through listening and working with these extremely clever Liberites, this has enabled me to develop my working knowledge of Technology, Data, Partnerships and Payments.

What makes Liberis different from anywhere else you’ve worked?

My previous role was as a Consultant within Big Banks – Liberis is completely different. I am valued for my inputs and ideas which have tangible impacts on Company direction. I am well and truly part of the team. Our brand-new office space is exceptional too and brings out the best in collaborative working. I was also in the Army in a previous life, so there is definitely less camouflage and no shouting.

What makes you stay working here?

My role is fulfilling, and I genuinely enjoy the work I get to do. To me, it’s deeply important to enjoy what I do and feel valued for doing it. The people I get to work with are all invested in the continued success which breeds a culture of improvement – something that is highly desired. It is heartening to see how much we can deliver when everyone gets stuck in and it has to work!

What do you look forward to most in Liberis’ future?

We have an ambitious but achievable plan for success on a Global scale. I am exceptionally excited to be part of accomplishing this and am looking forward to how we get there.

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