Posted: February 24, 2022 By BC India

The Embedded Finance Club is Live!

We've launched our Embedded Finance Club on Discord to provide a space to discuss all things web3.0, fintech, innovation, and beyond.

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We are proud to launch the Embedded Finance Club on Discord; this is a great way for those interested in learning and discussing the latest innovations in fintech, web3.0, and everything in between.


With so much happening in fintech at breakneck speed, we wanted a forum to bring together the experts and the curious. From dropping interesting articles in the #general chat to panel events, we envision an open space for members to engage. We will host online events with thought-provoking speakers as well as in-person meetups to spark interesting connections.

Interested in joining? Here’s the link to the group on Discord:

We hope to see you in there!

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